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How to Succeed as a Student Athlete

1. Meet With Your Counselor
Set up a meeting with your counselor every quarter/semester. You should have an athletic and academic counselor to lean on. Ensure that you are taking the right courses and have a graduation plan in place. Review your credits and grades to make sure you are eligible to play in the competition.

2. Go To Class
Do not miss a class. There will be days that you are tired, sore or don't feel like it. Make it a habit to go to every class. Motivation and results will come from just the routine of going to class. Just by showing up you will learn and get involved.

3. Do Your Homework
Assignments and projects are the easiest ways to improve your grade. for missed assignments, there is no excuse but laziness. Come exam time you will have done the preparation by taking it one homework assignment at a time. Writing exams will become stress-free.

4. Don't Waste Time
Time is valuable, student-athletes schedules are demanding. If you have an hour before bed: study, an hour in between classes: workout. There is enough time in the day to do what you need to do if you plan accordingly.

5. Make Health a Priority
Eat healthy, hydrate, and sleep. Being an athlete is physically and mentally demanding. The body needs the right fuel and rest to optimally perform. You are doing your self a disservice if you do not hydrate, eat properly, and sleep.

6. Get Involved
The term BMOC (big man on campus) is real! Being an athlete in college or university is a privilege. Take advantage of becoming a leader, joining clubs, networking with other teams and students. If you take the time to build these skills it will set up to succeed after your degree.

7. Enjoy
Have fun! College and university is a fun time full of all sorts of distractions. It is OK to explore and make mistakes, just be smart in enjoying everything it has to offer. If you have done all of the above 6 steps right, there will be no guilt to have a good time!