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The Most Important Thing To Get An Athletic Scholarship:

Work on yourself!

It seems obvious right?

DON'T get caught up in these recruiting distractions:

  • What to say to a coach
  • How to get in front of a coach
  • What your recruiting video looks like
  • What showcases to attend

All of this can be important, but the truth is the best players make it to the next level. Without working on yourself none of this will matter.

If you are unable to compete on the field, succeed in the classroom, or stay healthy. No matter what you do in self-promotion, coaches, teammates and ultimately, YOU will find yourself sitting on the bench left with nowhere to play.

  • The top 7% of high school athletes play their sport in college.
  • Of that 7 %, only 20/100 will receive an athletic scholarship.
  • To go professional from the collegiate level it can range from 2-10%

The most important task at hand should be working to become part of the top percentage of athletes.

Don't get caught up in the steps of self-promotion if you are not the best athlete you can be.